Auto Electrics – Vans

As auto electrical specialists we, diagnose and test wiring faults using electrical testing equipment and diagnostic test equipment alike. We have the ability and necessary expertise to be able to diagnose and repair electrical issues on cars, vans (including motorhomes) and HGV’s .

Renault master – Rear Load Lighting

This Renault master pictured, suffering from electrical issues due to a leaking roof, the lighting fuses had repeatedly blown. After an hour we traced the wiring back to the rear of the van to discover a broken and damaged loom.

The Solution

We rewired the harness and bridged the gap (removed & replaced) at the customer request. Once this was completed we had power restored however the light unit was damaged beyond and electrical repair. we advised the customer of a few options sure enough the customer came back to us a few days later and advised us to order some led lighting pods, in particular he wanted the main light coverage to be focused in the centre of the van however we had enough units to directly cover the loading areas as well.

The LED Lighting Upgrade (12V LED)

The customer opted for an LED lighting upgrade, We supplied and fitted 12V ultra bright LED PODS. These load lights are small but pack a huge punch day or night. These 12V leds are super bright giving a 180 degree of light distribution per POD (4 leds per pod).