Auto electrician for mercedes commercial

Always check fuses, at the first sight of an auto electrical fault the very first thing you need to do is check fuses. This week we had been called to a mercedes sprinter. The sprinter had been stranded on the a140 between Ipswich an diss in Suffolk. The vehicle had “cut out ” and had been unable to restart on arrival we discovered the dash would not light up and there were a number of faults all pointing loss of communication between various ECU’S and control units. We have no idea why but we found a master fuse 50amp that blown after running further diagnostic checks and diagnostic tests we were satisfied that this was the only fault we were able to diagnose at the time. We managed to source another fuse as we didn’t have a 50 amp fuse on board. If you are looking for a fast reliable auto electrician and auto electrical service in Suffolk, Essex or Norfolk then please feel free to get in touch.