Audi Q3 mileage correction

Mileage correction for the Audi Q3

Yesterday we set off from Aldebrugh in Suffolk to Colchester in Essex to perform mileage correction for a local motor trader. The Audi Q3 had been water damaged and required mileage correction to display the correct mileage. The NEC equipment that underpins the dash electrics is one of our most common units we perform mileage correction on as it is found in many Audi, vw, seat and Skoda vehicles. Mileage correction on any Volkswagen, seat, Audi and Skoda fitted with the NEC powered dashboard is a very very quick and easy process with the right tools. Communication is via the on board diagnostic port and is takes just under 15 minutes to change all mileage memory’s. If you are looking for a fast and experienced company to perform mileage correction in either Suffolk, Essex or Norfolk in particular Colchester please feel free to get in touch. **Please make sure you are within UK law when seeking mileage correction we cannon be held liable for any misuse or failed representation
Mileage correction colchester essex

Mileage correction in colchester essex by GEL Automotive

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